Exciting PhD opportunities in France through #DigitAg

Several PhD positions, from blue skies to applied research, are available in France through #DigitAg for Australian graduates.

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Institut Convergences
Agriculture Numérique |
#DigitAg Digital Agriculture
Convergence Lab

#DigitAg, the French Digital Agriculture Convergence Lab, brings together around 400 scientists, researchers and lecturers from 29 research units in four research organisations, three higher education institutions (University of Montpellier, Montpellier SupAgro, AgroParisTech) and agricultural technical institutes, to create knowledge concerning the use of digital tools in agriculture.

Designing new tools and services for digital agriculture with the ambition to transfer them to users requires not only knowledge in agricultural and digital sciences, but also in social, management and economic sciences for successful innovation and a good understanding of societal impacts. Working for farmers and all types of agriculture, #DigitAg brings actors together in several interdisciplinary programmes to develop new digital methods and technologies, the innovations of the future.

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