Adelaide students featured at FAD19 Festival

The Australian Institute of Architecture FAD19 Festival was designed to consider how architects can influence thinking and disrupt current practice. 

Designer Poetry installation

The focus of FAD19 was Ideas of Home – what this means, how we create meaningful places, our relation to place and how we achieve more equitable access to housing. As we experience increasing density, changing planning regulations, housing affordability and equity issues, environmental change and increasing pressure on heritage, what are architects doing to respond and how can they provide leadership? Should architects simply respond to market forces and client directions or should they propose alternatives and challenge conventions to bring about societal change? 

The Festival program featured 21 events across the 4 days, including local and national speakers, panel discussions, exhibitions and tours.

GGA and University of Adelaide student installation: Designer Poetry

‘Designer Poetry’ is an interactive display that invites people to construct selected words into serendipitous poetic phrases that may inspire new understandings about place, semiotics and design.

See the full program here

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