1969 Golden Jubilee Graduations

On Thursday 17 October 2019, the Class of 1969 was welcomed back onto campus as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their graduation in a special Golden Jubilee event.

As part of the Golden Jubilee celebration, alumni were invited to participate in a re-enactment of their graduation ceremony in Bonython Hall. Just like the first time, the class of 1969 donned academic dress and celebrated their accomplishments with family and friends. 

78 graduates walked across the stage, with 17 engineering alumni amongst their midst. 

Congratulations to:

  • Mr Victor Tokmakoff - Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
  • Mr John Cuffley - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec)
  • Mr Donald Grigg - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec)
  • Mr William Harrod - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec)
  • Mr Gunars Krievs - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec)
  • Mr Graham Rawnsley - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec)
  • Mr Neil Bryans - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec) (Hons)
  • Emeritus Professor Andrew Downing - Bachelor of Engineering (Elec) (Hons)
  • Mr John Clayfield - Bachelor of Technology (Bldg)
  • Mr Kenneth Eberbach - Bachelor of Technology (Civil)
  • Mr Donald Gerke - Bachelor of Technology (Civil)
  • Mr Paul Gunson - Bachelor of Technology (Civil)
  • Mr Graham Knight - Bachelor of Technology (Civil)
  • Dr Kym Norley - Bachelor of Technology (Civil)
  • Mr Christopher Whitford - Bachelor of Technology (Mech)
  • Dr Adrian Vladcoff - Doctor of Philosophy (Electrical Eng)
  • Professor Garth Morgan RFD - Doctor of Philosophy (Mech Eng)
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