Join research project discussion about healthy relationships

Looking for young people (aged 14-20) in Adelaide to tell us your views on what qualities you think are important to make all relationships happy and respectful.

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This project is in collaboration with researchers based at the University of Adelaide and SHINE SA. The research will be conducted primarily by the University of Adelaide and Principal Research Fellow PhD student Sophie Kedzior, and will form the basis for her degree under the supervision of Alice Rumbold, Vivienne Moore, and Zohra Lassi.

It will explore young people's views and opinions of respectful relationships and consent, and what information and support young people think is needed to help young people develop happy respectful relationships. The information will be used to influence community services (such as relationship and sexual health education at schools) to develop programs that are relevant to today's young people.

Sophie will be running a number of individual and group discussions – you can either participate in person or go online! For 1.5 hours of your time, you'll be fed and will also receive a small thank you gift for your contribution.

The sessions are running until April 2021. Visit the website to find out more information and to register.

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