CASR secures three life saving Road Safety Innovation Fund grants

The Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) has been awarded 3 projects under the Federal Government's Road Safety Innovation Fund (Round 2, 2021) scheme. The projects will be conducted over the next 3 years on South Australian roads.

CASR Truck rollover

In-depth no-blame investigations of crashes involving trucks

Doecke, Edwards, Elsegood, Ponte, O’Donovan, Raftery, Stokes, Thompson

This study will produce the first substantial dataset of in-depth no-blame truck crash investigations in Australia. CASR will analyse these crashes to identify the common contributing factors and the interventions that show the most potential to prevent or mitigate these crashes.

This will be achieved by conducting a series of in-depth crash investigations focussed on trucks to complement the existing truck crash investigations conducted by CASR as part of its ongoing in-depth crash investigations.


CASR bike passing

Mass collection of naturalistic cyclist-vehicle passing distance data

Howe, Mackenzie, Ponte

This study will produce a comprehensive data set of cyclist-vehicle passing distances with details about the passing distance and the location, along with a set of data processing and visualisation tools for evidence-based road safety intervention.

This is a joint project between Insight Via Artificial Intelligence and Bicycle Network with The University of Adelaide as the lead applicant.

CASR sign

A novel low-cost Safe-System-aligned treatment for regional and remote intersections

Mongiardini, Stokes

This project aims to develop and evaluate the concept of a low-cost treatment for improving safety at regional and remote intersections. The treatment is technology-driven and is well-aligned to the Safe System principle of minimizing harm in the event of a crash. The treatment will be developed in conjunction with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, Sage Automation, and will be trialed on South Australian roads.

The concept is based on RJAWS treatment using lower-cost design by utilising off-grid and wireless technology.

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