Meet Bachelor of Engineering student Dinkar Kashyap

It's satisfying to pursue a career in an area you're passionate in.

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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical and Aerospace) with Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences student Dinkar Kashyap joined us at the University of Adelaide through the Manipal ICAS India program.

This is a unique program, where students have the opportunity to complete their degree overseas - including at the University of Adelaide - by transferring their first and second year credits to their chosen overseas institution. 

"I have always wanted to study overseas but also needed some exposure before travelling and I knew that the ICAS program in Manipal had the perfect bridging program where you complete your first year in Manipal and transfer credits overseas," Dinkar said.

"Manipal, being a student town taught me to be independent before taking that one step further to travel overseas. As a result, I got motivated to start studying at Manipal ICAS India".

We asked Dinkar a few more questions to hear about his experience studying with the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

About Dinkar

Why did you choose your program?

A deep interest in aircrafts along with a curiosity to learn mathematics motivated me to pursue a double in aerospace engineering and mathematics.

I was deeply interested to work on aircrafts (design and simulation courses) ever since my first visit to the airport. Curiosity for mathematics came about mostly in my latter stages of my schooling as I was curious on the statistical aspect of sport (mainly cricket and soccer). It was also my belief that mathematics is crucial in engineering and studying together would potentially help me learn better.

What have you enjoyed most about your studies so far?

Working on project components in different courses was challenging but also extremely rewarding as the entire responsibility of the project lies on the student/group working on it. The projects and practical components of the courses offered hands on engineering experience which was very interesting.

The industry nights at The University of Adelaide was one of the best things as it gave me the opportunity to interact with people from the industry along with potential employment opportunities.

Did you undertake an internship as part of your studies? How was your experience? 

Yes, I have undertaken a summer research project (internship) as part of my studies and the university employability skills development team were extremely helpful in building the skills that were required.

I also received a lot of support and personal attention from career hub (university’s career centre) in building my resume and cover letter which helped me strengthen my profile.

Do you have any advice for future students who are interested in studying your chosen program?

A few words of advice:

  • If you don’t understand anything, ask questions as the teaching staff and support centres are always there to help you
  • Start looking for internships as soon as possible as there is no right or wrong time to do an internship
  • Get involved with the university community.

Thank you for your insights, Dinkar, and all the best with the rest of your studies!

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