Quantum Mechanical Theory and Experiment

Quantum mechanics is a branch of modern physics that deals with the very small: molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles.

The laws of quantum mechanics departs from the classical laws of physics in very fundamental ways. Because of this, things in the quantum mechanical realm can behave in very weird and wonderful ways.

We explore and exploit the laws of quantum mechanics. Our goals are to better understand the nature of reality, and to use quantum mechanics to demonstrate novel behaviour and build better devices. We do this at both the fundamental theoretical level, and experimentally.

We have projects in quantum gravity, quantum thermodynamics, quantum chaos, quantum biology, quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum metrology, and nano-electronics.

If you are interested in doing an honours project in one of these topics, please discuss with one of the supervisors.

Dr James Quach


Dr James Quach

Research area: Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Physics

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