Decoding Urban Landscapes Through Point Cloud Modelling: A New Teaching Approach

Over last year, landscape architecture lecturer Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc has been developing and implementing innovative approaches and geospatial technologies that he usually employs for research purposes in urban climatology and urban forestry for enhancing teaching and learning at UoA.

Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc

Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc is a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at SABE where he uses remote sensing and computational modelling to investigate the environmental impacts of urban greenery and built form on climate, air quality, energy consumption and human health.

He was recently featured in the Sketchfab Community demonstrating the capacity of 3D point cloud models and numerical simulations in combination with online
platforms such as Sketchfab to develop creative ways to represent, analyse, interact and share digital models of urban landscapes in a completely virtual environment.

Sketchfab is the leading platform for 3D and AR on the web, and Carlos has effectively utilised their platform for both research and teaching purposes.

"The use of 3D point cloud models in combination with online-based platforms such as Sketchfab gave me the opportunity to develop creative ways to represent, analyse, interact and share models in a completely virtual environment. 

We commonly teach design studios and representation courses using analogue techniques (i.e., physical models, sketches, drawings) or digital 3D- and BIM-based models (i.e., in Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Sketchup), so these new technologies supplemented our current learning activities with a range of new skills and techniques that students were not able to experience before.

For instance, students in Australia and abroad were able to explore, manipulate, and examine study sites of varied scales, sizes, and complexity that were practically inaccessible at that time."

Read more about Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc's new pedagogical approach to study the dynamic world through 3D and virtual platforms.

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