Funded opportunities for engineering students

Applications for Virtual Summer School programs with funding available for Engineering students are now open.

With overseas programs currently on hiatus due to the pandemic, there are still opportunities available this Summer for Engineering students to gain valuable work experience virtually from home, all while making a positive social impact.

Engineers Without Borders Digital Design Summit

Over 18 days, participants will be immersed in a real-world learning experience focused on engineering and design, learning from and working with Ni-Vanuatu communities. Students will engage in project-based initiatives and be mentored by a diverse group of professional humanitarian engineers. The Impact Intensive Digital Design Summit is a deep-dive into engineering practice, creating the space and time to immerse in a real-world and complex learning environment. The experience aims to complement and expand the boundaries of the university experience. It also seeks to shape the next generation of sociotechnical engineering leaders.

To apply for the Engineering Without Borders Digital Design Summit, click here.

Project Everest Virtual Impact Program

Centred on Solomon Islands, this project is about bringing renewable energy in the form of hydropower to remote areas of the country dependent on diesel generators. Teamed with students across Australia and personnel in the Solomon Islands incl. SI National Uni, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, and Solomon Power you will apply your knowledge gained to ID locations, assess supply/demand, design generation and power networks, analyse economic and legal issues and seek funding opportunities. 

To apply for the Project Everest Virtual Impact Program, click here.

Unbound Global Social Impact Program

The Virtual Global Social Impact Program is an engaging program connecting students with the Asia Pacific region on real world multidisciplinary projects. This exciting program has strong links with innovators, social entrepreneurs and leaders across the region, and a chance to learn from, and with, inspiring role models. With a focus on cultural exchange and group projects this experience isn’t your usual Zoom course – with cooking classes, global speakers and mentors, and a chance to get hands-on with a real project. This program is delivered online and is a chance to gain professional and cross-cultural skills in a fun and interactive way.

To apply for the Unbound Global Social Impact program, click here.

Cost and Financial Assistance

Thanks to the New Colombo Plan, eligible students may receive funding to cover the cost of participation in these programs. Just check out the New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant Eligibility requirements and then decide which program you’re going to do and apply today!

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