Student-led teaching award nomination

Do you have a sciences lecturer who has inspired you or made extra efforts to support you in your learning?

The Interim Executive Dean of the Faculty of Sciences is calling for students to nominate sciences staff that they believe deserve recognition for their teaching. Students can nominate staff for the 2021 Faculty of Sciences Student-led Teaching Award valued at $500.

Nominations should identify the outstanding contribution that the staff member (or a teaching team) has made to creating a better student learning experience for you.

Examples may include, but are not limited to, the provision of exceptional pastoral care; development of extra- and co-curricular activities; innovative and effective learning activities, assessment and feedback; and; effective use of the online learning environment.

Nominations due by Friday December 3 2021.

A student panel will decide the winner of the award which will be presented at the faculty end of year awards ceremony on December 16 2021.

Nominations are now closed. 

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