Public Maths Lecture on Invisible Norms

Upcoming lecture on Invisible Norms

Professor Nalini Joshi from The University of Sydney will give a colloquium on November 24, regarding Invisible Norms.

Photo of Professor Nalini Joshi looking straight at the camera

She says, “hidden norms are common in the way we judge excellence, and they shape our habits of communication.”

In this talk, she will explore some of these hidden practices, with examples from her experience, and show how they can distort the field and act as barriers to diversity.

She’ll also share some of the work of the Australian Mathematical Society’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, of which she is chair.

The talk will begin at 2:30pm in the Chapman Theatre, Engineering North.

If attending remotely please contact John McLean for log-in details.

Post-colloquium discussion, snacks, and drinks will be in the Culver Room.

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