2021 Teaching Commendations

Congratulations to Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc on receiving a 2021 Teaching Commendation.

These awards recognise the diverse range of activities, services and programs that contribute to student learning and engagement at the University of Adelaide. They serve to highlight the important role that staff from all areas of the University have in supporting us to achieve our strategic goals.

Dr Carlos Bartesaghi Koc

Carlos (from the School of Architecture and Built Environment) was a recipient in the category of: Innovations in blended and/or online learning.

He is an enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate educator, committed to influence and motivate students through challenging ideas that always extend students’ skills and knowledge.

His teaching approaches are underpinned by innovative and cutting-edge digital technologies (for content delivery, students' problem-solving and communication), to achieve student engagement, motivation for learning, and career-readiness through diverse online collaborative platforms.

His approach has encouraged courses with large numbers of high-achievers, high student satisfaction and industry recognition.

Carlos says that sharing knowledge, influencing, and motivating students through challenging ideas is a very rewarding experience.

My teaching approaches are commonly underpinned by innovative and cutting-edge digital technologies that I’ve drawn from my own research as well as from similar world-leading educators in the field. Every semester I am very committed to providing different and exciting learning experiences for students. This teaching commendation is a reassurance that every effort is well rewarded, which motivates me to continue innovating and experimenting in future.Carlos Koc

By all accounts, both the students and the University are lucky to have him.

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