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Using Radar Satellite Detections to Monitor the Ionosphere

Stratospheric-Tropospheric (ST) Very High Frequency (VHF) radar at the Buckland Park field site

Honours project: Refining satellite detection techniques using a large radar north of Adelaide to develop new ways to measure the amount of plasma in the upper atmosphere and compare the results with other methods.

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Radar Rainfall Studies

Honours projects: Scanning weather radars use empirical relationships to calculate rainfall rates from the measured returned power. Depending on student’s interest various projects using a combinations of systems is possible. These could include sensor fusion, radar deployment, comparison techniques, validation with Bureau of Meteorology’s computational models, etc.

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Transient Weather Events

Honours project: Integration of data from multiple instruments to determine the origins of recurring and transient weather events in the Adelaide area.

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Modelling the Aussie Rules Football Kick

Honours project: This project will look at the function of a human leg when kicking an Australian Rules Football. Motion capture data is available, and will be used in conjunction with OpenSim, an open source musculoskeletal model and dynamical simulator.

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