Nature and Culture in Early Modernity - International Workshop Program

Professor Mohammad Gharipour
Guest speaker

You're invited to attend a full-day workshop run by the Centre for Asian and Middle Eastern Architecture (CAMEA) titled Nature and Culture in Early Modernity: New Approaches to Landscape History.


The guest speaker will be Professor Mohammad Gharipour, from the School of Architecture and Planning in Morgan State University, Baltimore, USA and Director & Founding Editor, International Journal of Islamic Architecture (IJIA). 


The nature-culture divide, widely recognised as a legacy of the European Enlightenment, is re-emerging with a new sense of urgency today.

The divide is now deeply intertwined with the social versus biological and design versus ecological sustainability debates, and has been linked to the ‘Anthropocene’, a new concept marking the beginning of significant human impact on the earth’s geology and ecosystems. Underlying all this lies the question concerning human desire to control the world, to achieve mastery over nature, which has resulted in an uncertain future outlook for humanity in the unstable world it has created.


The day will consist of three sessions:

  • South-East Asia
  • Europe and beyond
  • India, Persia and China

The speaker sessions will then be followed by group discussion, dinner and networking.

Register by Tuesday 1 October.

Download the full program and speaker list

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