Cancelled: Dean's Research Seminar Series: Is the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity for agricultural manufacturing?

Dean's Research Seminar Series: People who change the world

Hear from visionary thought leaders about how we're 'Building Back Better' in agribusiness and manufacturing despite the impact of COVID-19.

Global crises in the past have led to supply chain shocks, which had major direct and indirect impacts on the agricultural manufacturing. Different from financial crises of the past, COVID-19 has added a global isolation of countries and their trade. The desire for a resilient and self-sustained production has been accelerated. A new thinking has emerged on how to avoid major disruptions in supply chains, and food security in general.

The United Nations raised this issue and have installed the UN Committee for Food Security (CFS). Their principle of 'Building Back Better' (BBB) is generally understood to use a disaster (such as a pandemic) as a trigger to create more resilient nations and societies than before.

We invite you to come along or tune in live to hear from a panel of visionary thought leaders who will discuss how we can use the pandemic as a catalyst for positive change in agribusiness and manufacturing.

Our industry speakers and researchers will share their vision of innovations already available to create a more sustainable and resilient circular economy that will provide economic and environmental benefits as well as reducing risk when it comes to the next big “event”.

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