Research Tuesdays: Industrial Greening

Research Tuesdays

Blessed with an abundance of both mineral and sustainable energy resources, we could easily produce enough ‘green’ products to not only revitalise our manufacturing sector, but totally transform heavy industry and our national economy.

Low-carbon iron products promise to triple the $80b currently earned from iron ore exports. Green alumina and cement products could bring in tens of billions. Job creation could be in the hundreds of thousands.

To help Australia capitalise on the opportunity, the University of Adelaide is leading multiple research projects to develop innovative new technologies, tailored to local conditions. In our opening presentation for 2021, you’ll hear all about them.

The presenter

Professor Gus Nathan, from the School of Mechanical Engineering, also directs the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology. He also leads the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute’s $87m Alternative Applications program, and a $14m Australian Renewable Energy Agency project to introduce concentrating solar thermal energy into the Bayer alumina process.


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