38th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ)

If you are interested in the polarities of architectural discourse, as well as the spectrum of positions between, this conference will stoke your curiosity and invite you to share your perspectives.

text: ultra: positions and polarities beyond crisis

Operating as both a polemic and a call for insightful new inquiry into the discipline through which we think, this conference - Ultra: Positions and Polarities Beyond Crisis - invites participants to reflect upon the polarities of architectural discourse as well as the spectrum of positions between these.

What are the implications of crises, past and present, in framing (or re-framing) the critical perspectives that architectural historiography may offer beyond such moments of confusion and/or extraordinary conviction? The conference seeks broad ranging responses to this question and its theme that will reflect on-going work in several established and developing areas of current SAHANZ scholarship.

Round Table discussions responding to the Conference provocation are aimed at facilitating future collaborations and publications.

Zoom links are available for those unable to attend sessions in person.

The program and event details are now available on the conference website, where you can also register: https://www.sahanz2021.com/

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