Research Tuesdays: Paw Things

Research Tuesdays Paw Things Susan Hazel

Paw Things

Doggos. Kitters. Fur babies. Floofers. Increased pet ownership in the modern world is altering our hearts and dictionaries. But are we caring for our four-legged companions well enough? And should we be improving the systems through which they care for us?

In the last 10 years pet selling has moved online, dramatically increasing access and convenience. But there’s a dark side. Fraud is rampant. In the EU alone, illegal puppy trade is the third most profitable organised crime. And buyers are not the only ones suffering. Many newborn puppies are inhumanely ‘farmed’ or facing traumatic travel conditions.

Animal therapy and assistance is also growing in popularity, yet gaps in evidence still exist around ethics, accessibility and effectiveness.

In this captivating presentation, you’ll hear how University of Adelaide research in these areas is informing better policies and outcomes for animals and owners alike.

We hope to see you there.

Dr Susan Hazel

The presenter

Dr Susan Hazel is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour, Welfare and Ethics in our School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. She also serves on the South Australian Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and the Dog and Cat Management Board of South Australia.

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