Earth Sciences Seminar: Dr Ashleigh Hood

Dr Ashleigh Hood


Dr Ashleigh Hood
Earth Sciences
The University of Melbourne

Ashleigh Hood is a carbonate sedimentologist at the University of Melbourne. She did her PhD on Neoproterozoic sediments at the University of Melbourne, followed by two research positions at Yale University under American Australian Association and NASA Astrobiology Fellowships. At Yale she worked on integrating sedimentology with isotope geochemistry. She was employed as a lecturer at the University of Melbourne in September 2018.

Tracking Precambrian environmental evolution through a carbonate lens

Earth’s oceans have hosted the evolution of complex life throughout much of the planet’s history. However, the link between evolving marine ecosystems and their physical habitats are often not well understood, especially those of the early Earth.

In particular, the oxygenation of the Earth’s ocean-atmosphere system from the Precambrian to the early Phanerozoic is thought to play a major role in shaping the biosphere of our modern world. However, the timing of the oxygenation of Earth’s surface environments and its link to biological evolution remains contentious.

My work aims to add complexity to our understanding of Earth’s surface environments through the Precambrian and early Phanerozoic using combined sedimentological and geochemical techniques on marine carbonates and other sediments.

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