Physics Seminar: Professor Ulrik Egede


Presenter: Professor Ulrik Egede

School of Physics & Astronomy
Monash University

Professor Ulrik Egede finished his PhD in 1998 from Lund University and became a professor at Imperial College London in 2012. He has since his PhD worked on the search for physics phenomena that can't be explained by the Standard Model of particle physics. This search has been carried out with data from first the BaBar experiment at SLAC and then the LHCb experiment at CERN. His work on how to link together the theory for the effects of QCD with the experimental measurements of rare b-hadron decays has been of key importance to identify the currently observed deviations from Standard Model predictions. Since 2019 he is a professor at Monash University.


Can beauty in particle physics reveal the secrets of the Universe?

The Large Hadron Collider has through its copious production of hadrons containing b quarks opened up a new field of precision research into the fundamental aspects of the Universe.

While the Standard Model of particle physics is a great success it is also a great failure; it can describe the interactions of fundamental particles with incredible precision, but at the same time fail to explain 95% of the energy content of the universe and the absence of antimatter.

I will discuss how the study of the decays of beauty-hadrons, heavier versions of protons and pions, offer one of the best avenues for getting beyond this success/failure paradigm. Indeed measurements made by the LHCb experiment at CERN over the past few years have shown a number deviations from Standard Model predictions and could form the first hints of how the Standard Model will require an extension.

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