Chemistry Seminar: Professor Yuichi Negishi



Professor Yuichi Negishi

Department of Applied Chemistry
Tokyo University of Science


Precise synthesis and application of thiolate-protected metal clusters

Yuichi Negishi Diagram

Figure 1: Graphical summary of the three aspects of our studies on thiolate-protected gold

Thiolate (SR)-protected gold clusters (Aun(SR)m) show size-specific physical and chemical properties, such as photoluminescence, catalytic activity, and redox behavior, that are not observed in the case of bulk gold. Furthermore, it is possible to determine the geometrical structures of these clusters and therefore to elucidate correlations between their structures and physical properties.

In addition, these clusters have been found to be highly stable both in solution and in the solid state. Owing to these numerous factors, Aun(SR)m clusters are considered to have significant potential as constituent units of functional nanomaterials. To date, our research group has studied the following three aspects of Aun(SR)m and related clusters: (1) the development of new methods allowing precise synthesis; (2) the establishment of new methods to impart high functionality; and (3) the utilization of these clusters as active sites in photocatalytic materials. This presentation summarizes our most recent work concerning these three subjects.


Yuichi Negishi received his Ph.D. degree in 2001 from Keio University, Japan. He is the professor of Tokyo University of Science, Japan. He has over 140 publications that have been cited over 7,500 times. In his publications, 11 papers are/were categorized to Top 1% Cited Papers. His publication H-index is 45. He has been awarded several prizes, including the PCCP Prize (2007), CSJ Award for Young Chemists (2008), Japan Society of Molecular Science Award for Young Chemists (2012), and Yagami Prize (2017).

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