Chemistry Seminars - 2019

Researchers from the Department of Chemistry host regular seminars to showcase their work across applied projects in health, environment, energy technology and defence.

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our department and school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.


Seminar schedule - Department of Chemistry

  • Location: MacBeth Lecture Theatre - Badger building | Map
  • Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm (unless otherwise stated)
Date Speaker Presentation
August 30
Jun Lee
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Development of new antibiotics based on biotin biology

Thursday (12pm)
September 5
Professor Michelle Coote
Australia National University

Catalyzing and controlling chemical reactions with electric fields

September 6
Rouven Becker
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Design and synthesis of cadherin antagonists for the inhibition of cell adhesion

September 13
Associate Professor Simon Humphrey
The University of Texas at Austin
Phosphine-arsine and chalcogenide-based MOFs and unusual noble metal alloy nanocatalysts
September 20
Dr Christopher Hyland
University of Wollongong

Synthesis and transition metal-catalysed reactivity of allenyloxazolidinones

September 27
Professor Michael Yu
The University of Queensland

Nanoparticles designed for delivery and therapeutic applications: from transporters to transformers

September 30

Professor Susumu Kitagawa
Director, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan

Fourth generation (4G) porous coordination polymers/metal-organic frameworks
Thursday (4pm)
October 3
Ruth Wang
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Proteomic and structural characterisation of snake venom proteins using mass spectrometry

October 4

Dr Joel Hooper
Monash University

Reaction discovery via novel intermediates: Embracing the unusual in search of the useful

Thursday October 10

Rohan Hudson
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Influencing exciton migration dynamics in acene nanoparticles by tuning crystallinity

October 11
Professor Min Chen
University of Sydney

How to improve photosynthesis efficiency by using modified chlorophylls

October 14 (11am)
Associate Professor Lisa Martin
Monash University

Uperin 3.x: A kinetically diverse family of antimicrobial & amyloidogenic peptides

Friday October 18

Associate Professor Reto Dorta
The University of Western Australia

Exploring iridium complexes; from bond activations to their use as catalysts in asymmetric hydroamination reactions

Friday October 25 Hanieh Mousavi
MPhil student - University of Adelaide

Size selected gold clusters stabilised on reduced graphene oxide for electro-catalytic water splitting

Thursday October 31 Dion Turner
MPhil student - University of Adelaide

Probing the β5 primed site binding channel of the proteasome with P2 extended boronate inhibitors

Thursday November 7 Tania Pullin
MPhil student - University of Adelaide

Biomimetic Mineralisation of Biocompatible Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Monday 11 November

Professor Keith Gordon
University of Otago

From ultrafast processes in solar cells to prediction of meat quality: using spectroscopy and computational methods to understand complex systems

November 15

Professor John Sader
The University of Melbourne

Interatomic force laws that evade dynamic measurement

November 22

Dr Anthony Phillips
Queen Mary University of London

Structure, dynamics, and phase transformations in conventional and hybrid perovskites

November 25

Harley Betts
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Investigating the chemistry of silver in biological systems & the development of silver-containing materials for use as antibacterial agents

November 29
Dr Mark Hackett
Curtin University
To be confirmed
November 28

Matthew Podgorski
MPhil student - University of Adelaide

Understanding the coordination chemistry and mechanism of haem-monooxygenase enzymes

December 6
Dr Marcus Baumann
University College Dublin
Continuous flow chemistry - from methodology development to target molecule applications
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