Earth Sciences Seminars - 2019

Researchers from the Department of Earth Sciences host regular seminars to facilitate a collaborative approach which applies cutting-edge methods to issues vital to sustaining our way of life on this planet .

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our department and school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.


Seminar schedule - Department of Earth Sciences

  • Location: Mawson Lecture Theatre - Mawson building | Map
  • Time: 4:00 - 5:00pm (unless otherwise stated)
Date Speaker Presentation
September 6
Assistant Professor Greg Skrzypek
The University of Western Australia

Moisture spatial and temporal variability in unsaturated soil profiles from a stable isotope perspective, NW Australia

September 13
Dr Brandon Alessio
Recent PhD graduate 
University of Adelaide

The tectonic evolution of the southern congo craton

September 20

Professor Pete Kinny
Curtin University

Strontium is the new hafnium – reading the earth’s history recorded in apatite inclusions in zircon
September 27
Dr Rian Dutch
Geological Survey of South Australia

Building proterozoic Australia; what we’ve learnt from looking beneath the Nullarbor Plain.

October 4

Drew Lubiniecki
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Structural evolution of deformation bands

October 11
Jie Yu
PhD student - University of Adelaide
Tectonics systems and IOCG mineralization in the Gawler Craton
October 18
Jack Gillespie
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Pre-Tibetan intracontinental tectonics of Central Asia

October 25
Associate Professor Helen Bostock
The University of Queensland
Deglacial changes in productivity at the polar front in the pacific sector of the southern ocean
Friday November 1 Haidee Cadd
PhD student - University of Adelaide
“Climate, humans, fire and megafauna – key drivers of Australian subtropical vegetation change”.
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