Ecology and Evolution Series: Conservation technology

Ecology and Evolution Series - Winter 2020

Curious. Cutting-edge. Community.

In Winter 2020, we continue our focus on how University of Adelaide researchers are finding solutions to key problems in the fields of ecology and evolution.

Our winter theme is conservation technology.

Our seminars will be held via Zoom and the recordings will be made available online. If you are from outside of the School of Biological Sciences, please RSVP below so we can send you the Zoom link via email.

Friday June 5

Brittany Williams

PhD candidate - School of Biological Sciences 
Supervisors: Professor Sean Connell | Dr Dominic McAfee

"I’ve never enjoyed the taste of oysters, and so it is fortunate that my research does not involve eating them. Instead, I am researching how playing marine sounds to oyster larvae may be a novel technique to restore lost oyster reefs."

Brittany is a PhD student with Professor Sean Connell and Dr Dominic McAfee. She will present her initial PhD seminar, 'Enriching marine soundscapes to restore Australia’s lost native oyster reefs'.

Brittany's researcher profile


Vittoria Cipriani

PhD candidate - School of Biological Sciences 
Supervisors: Professor Ivan Nagelkerken | Professor Timothy Ravasi

Intrigued by marine life, a passion for the ocean and persuaded by the growing climate crisis, Vittoria moved to Adelaide to study how fish reproduction is affected by climate change, through the integration of behavioural, physiological and genetic approaches. Such comprehensive research will be a solid base for predictions on fish population dynamics under future climate change conditions. 

Vittoria is a PhD student in the Southern Seas Ecology Laboratories, under the supervision of Professor Ivan Nagelkerken and external co-supervisor Professor Timothy Ravasi.

Vittoria will present her initial PhD seminar, 'Reproduction as oceans acidify: how fish will cope under climate change'.

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Friday July 3

Yeniu (Mickey) Wang

PhD candidate - School of Biological Sciences 
Supervisor: A/Prof Bertram Ostendorf

With an interest in using new technology for agriculture production, Mickey’s research aims to use low altitude remote sensing with hyperspectral technology to quickly detect viral diseases, and predict the spread of disease at vineyard scale. This is Mickey’s introductory PhD seminar.

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Megan Lewis

Professor Megan Lewis

Spatial Sciences Research Group - School of Biological Sciences

Megan is highly respected for her research in Earth observation: using remote sensing (aircraft, drones, lab/field instruments, and satellites) to document, analyse and monitor landscape composition and variation in space and time.

Megan’s presentation will highlight the cutting edge spatial science within our school, including how we match the enormous range of remote sensing capabilities to environmental assessment and monitoring needs.

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Friday August 7

Amelie Jeanneau

Amelie Jeanneau

PhD Candidate - Spatial Sciences Research GroupSchool of Biological Sciences

Soil erosion is more common than we think and can have dramatic impacts on agricultural productivity. My research aimed to develop new tools to predict the impact of climate change and extreme environmental conditions (e.g. drought, bushfires) on future soil losses.
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Dr Ramesh Raja Segaran

Director - Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility

Leading cutting-edge conservation technology, Dr Ramesh Raja Segaran is director of the Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility (URAF) - the University of Adelaide’s ‘drone hub’.

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