Ecology and Evolution Series: Our changing environment

Curious. Cutting-edge. Community.

Our Series 5, Summer 2020/21, continues our focus on how University of Adelaide researchers are finding solutions to key problems in the fields of ecology and evolution.

Our Summer 2020/21 theme is: Our changing environment.

Join us as we head back into another hot, dry summer in the driest state of the driest inhabited continent in the world.

Whatever lies ahead in our bushfire season, and wherever you are in the world, we’d love you to join us as we explore what we can learn together about how the earth’s environments are coping with unprecedented change. 

How are our environments evolving? How do we know? What are the drivers of habitats becoming more hostile or hospitable? And how might we unearth new possibilities to protect both people and planet?
These free, online seminars are hosted by a handful of researchers who donate their time on behalf of the University of Adelaide, for our environmental science community around the world. We hope you can join us!

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Ecology and evolution seminar series - summer 2021

Friday December 4

Miriam Slodownik researcher photo

Miriam Slodownik

PhD candidate - School of Biological Sciences
Supervisor: Professor Bob Hill

Bringing the expertise from palaeobiology and geoscience together, we will explore the geology, palaeoenvironment and fossil flora of the remote Macquarie Harbour Formation in western Tasmania to study polar forest ecosystems which inhabited Eastern Gondwana 52 Million years ago.

Miriam's researcher profile


William Goh researcher photo

William Goh

PhD candidate - School of Biological Sciences
Supervisor: Professor Bronwyn Gillanders

The first thing Bill drew as a toddler was fish. His fascination with marine life and what makes it tick never stopped growing. Bill’s research aims to provide key information that underpins effective marine fisheries and environmental management.

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Friday February 5

Bec Spindler researcher photo

Dr Rebecca Spindler 

Executive Manager - Science and Conservation, Bush Heritage Australia 

Rebecca shares a much needed message of hope in the current ecological crisis, sharing insights derived from more than two decades of global and multi-disciplinary research in conservation. Currently applying the best science available, Rebecca leads biodiversity surveys, inter-agency collaboration and citizen science partnerships to share knowledge for a brighter future.


Dr Ashley Leedham

Dr Ashley Leedman

Director - Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement MERI, Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Ashley leads development and implementation of a long-term monitoring program for Australian Government NRM investments. His projects include developing monitoring standards for field data; a pilot Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Network for Regional Land Partnerships program; and exploring ways to capture threatened species data from NRM projects.


Ben Sparrow researcher photo

Associate Professor Ben Sparrow   

Program lead - TERN Ecosystem Surveillance, University of Adelaide

Applying state of the art remote sensing and high-tech mapping, Ben leads ecosystem surveillance for strategic management of Australia's threatened ecosystems. Mapping change, generating a wealth of vital open access data, Ben provides news from the frontlines of environmental change. 

Ben's researcher profile


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