Acoustic Chambers

We have three high-quality acoustic chambers available for hire, including two reverberation chambers and one anechoic chamber for facilitating sound transmission loss, sound absorption, sound power and acoustic radiation measurements.


We have three acoustic chambers: a source room, receiver room and anechoic room.

  • Source room

    Source room

    The source and receiver rooms are used for testing transmission loss. The sample is installed in a hole in the wall between the two rooms. Sound in the source room then passes through the test sample into the receiver room, where the resultant sound pressure is measured by a traversing or fixed microphone(s).

    The source room’s specifications are:


    6.085 x 5.175 x 3.355 m


    105.6 m3

    Surface area

    138.5 m2

    Opening area

    3.607 x 3.194 m = 11.52 m2

    Small test panel opening

    1.000 x 1.000 m = 1.00 m2

    Volume between chambers

    11.18 m3

    Rotating diffuser

    Hemi-conical shape

    2.5m height

    1.5m diameter top

    3.0m diameter bottom

    Swept volume 10.31 m3

  • Receiver room

    Receiver room

    The receiver room is used for acoustic transmission loss, noise reduction and insertion loss testing, and to measure sound power. The room has several static diffusers and a rotating diffuser, which is used to better disperse sound in the chamber to create a uniform sound field.

    The receiver room’s specifications are:


    6.840 x 5.565 x 4.720 m


    179.7 m3

    Surface area

    193.2 m2 Including opening area

    Opening area

    11.52 m2

    Small test panel opening

    1.000 x 1.000m = 1.00 m2

    Volume between chambers

    11.18 m3

    Rotating diffuser

    Hemi-cylindrical shape

    2.4 m height

    3.5 m diameter

    Swept volume 23.09 m3

  • Anechoic room

    Anechoic room

    The anechoic room is used to measure objects’ acoustic radiation patterns, and when a quiet measurement environment is required. The room can be configured to be fully anechoic or have floor plates installed to create a hemi-anechoic space.

    The anechoic room’s specifications are:

    • 4.79 x 3.90 x 3.94 m
    • 73.6 m3.

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