Adelaide Proteomics Centre

The Adelaide Proteomics Centre (APC) at the University of Adelaide offers researchers from all fields of biological sciences a state-of-the-art proteomics facility.

The APC was established in 2010 with the support of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, the National Centre for Tissue Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Bioplatforms Australia.

Its combination of internationally recognised expertise, advanced equipment and customer service focus is unique.


The APC is equipped to provide expert services in mass spectrometry based protein identification, quantitation and characterisation of post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation and phosphorylation.

We also provide expert MALDI imaging mass spectrometry analyses and specialise in structural proteomics including native, cross-linking and ion mobility mass spectrometry.

We can offer standard and custom services for proteomics, high throughput screening and quality control of small molecules to researchers and industry.

  • Mass spectrometry

    The APC is equipped with the following equipment:

    • timsTOF pro (Bruker)
    • Orbitrap LTQ XL ETD (Thermo Fisher Scientific),
    • Impact II™ QTOF (Bruker),
    • amaZon ETD (Bruker),
    • HCT Ultra Ion Trap (Bruker),
    • ultrafleXtreme and ultraflex III MALDI-TOF/TOFs (Bruker).

    We offer the following mass spectrometry based analytical workflows as standard services:

    • Protein identification by mass spectrometry (peptide sequencing)
    • Label and label free quantification of complex protein mixtures
    • Targeted quantification of peptides/proteins
    • MALDI imaging
    • Biomolecule mass measurement
    • Structural proteomics (native MS, ion mobility-MS, chemical crosslinking)

    Our team of experts also offers custom analyses, high throughput screening and QC services on arrangement.

  • Electrophoresis

    The APC can provide general protein protein electrophoresis and western-blotting services on small format gels. 

    2D electrophoresis capabilities are also available in a range of formats.

    If required, electron-transfer can be carried out for large, medium and mini-gels with the TE77 PWR semi-dry apparatus.

Contact us

If you would like to carry out any of our services, discuss the capabilities in further detail, including methodologies, or simply explore the possibilities available please contact us.



The Adelaide Proteomics Centre is located at:

Adelaide Proteomics Centre
Level 1, Molecular Life Sciences Building
North Terrace Campus

  • Delivery address

    Adelaide Proteomics Centre
    Molecular Life Sciences Building
    The University of Adelaide
    via gate 8, Victoria Drive
    Adelaide, South Australia 5005

  • Postal address

    Adelaide Proteomics Centre
    C/- School of Biological Sciences
    University of Adelaide
    Adelaide, South Australia 5005