Advanced Core Analysis Laboratory

The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources hosts an advanced high-pressure, high temperature, multi-phase coreflooding facility that offers services for both university research and commercial work.

Multiscale laboratory-based modelling of multi-phase flow in porous media requires reliable measurement of static and transport properties of the target geological formation at pore- and core- scales that must be obtained under formation pressure and temperature from coreflood experiments.

Coreflood tests conducted on reservoir and seal samples with application in petroleum engineering, mining, hydrology and subsurface gas (e.g. CO2 and Hydrogen) storage.

  • Equipment

    Core Flood Systems

    This laboratory holds 6 core flood systems that can provide analyses on reservoir core plugs at the following conditions:

    Core holders
    • Irregular- length cores-1.5 inch diameter and 0 – 12 inch length.
    • Unconsolidated cores
    Maximum pressure 6000 psig
    Temperatures Up to 200°C
    Fluids Oil, gas, CO2
    Flowrate 0.001 to 50 ml/min

    Additional equipment

    • Cross flow core holder
    • Amott cell for spontaneous imbibition and drainage tests
    • Colloidal flow visualisation system
    • Core cleaning (DEAN STARK)
    • Particle counter (Micro (0.5 to 18 mm) and Nano (10 nm to 2 mm)
    • Porous plate system for Pc measurement

    PVT cell

    Max. working pressure 1000 bar – 15 000 psi
    • Accuracy on pressure: 0.1 bar
    Volume of the cell 400 ml
    Visual volume 400 ml
    Working temperature

    Ambient to 200°C

    • Accuracy on temperature: 0.1°C
    Bubble/dew point – repeatability +/- 0.35 bar
    Resisting corrosive abilities CO2, H2S
    Additional features
    • Stirring by magnetic coupling
    • Automatic valves
    • CCD digital video camera system
    • Data acquisition and processing system
  • Our services

    Our facilities have the flexibility to be modified if special analysis is required and we also provide modelling services for all tests performed at our facilities.

    Our facility can provide routine and advanced core analysis including: 

    Routine core analysis
    • Porosity
      • Gas porisomiter
      • Liquid porosimiter
    • Permeability
    • Gas permeability
    • Liquid permeability
    Special core analysis
    • Capillary pressure
    • Relative permeability (water, oil, gas and CO2)
      • Un-steady state
      • Steady state
    • Formation damage
    • Well injectivity
    • EOR
    • Wettability index

Contact us

For further information around our preferred methods of preparation for samples, duration of testing and pricing please contact Dr Abbas Zeinijahromi.


The Advanced Core Analysis Laboratory is located at:

Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources
Room 3.06, Level 3, Santos Petroleum Engineering Building
North Terrace Campus