Drilling Fluids Laboratory

The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources manages a drilling fluid laboratory that is utilized for teaching and research purposes.

The understanding of drilling fluid properties are essential to drill a wellbore safely and efficiently. Drilling fluid is very complex and its properties can change while drilling so they need to be measured routinely. 

Our services

Our drilling fluid laboratory can provide a wide range of analysis on water-based drilling fluid at standard and HPHT conditions. It is perfectly located in the North Terrace Campus and can provide training services to up to 20 participants.
We can offer the following services:

  • Drilling mud design
  • Density measurement
  • Measurement of viscoelastic properties
  • Mud filtrate measurement at standard and high temperature conditions
  • Drilling mud cake characterisation
  • Measurement of drilling fluid properties at HPHT conditions

Cotact us

For further information around our preferred methods of preparation for samples, duration of testing and pricing please contact Dr Alireza Salmachi


The Drilling Fluids Laboratory is located at:

Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources
Room 1.06, Level 1, Santos Petroleum Engineering Building
North Terrace Campus