Sports Engineering Facilities

We have a range of facilities and equipment suited to sports engineering research, including wind tunnels and motion capture systems.

Sports engineering laboratory

Sports engineering and biomechanics

Our sports engineering laboratory enables the study of sports performance, aerodynamics, injury prevention and rehabilitation. It features a range of equipment, including:

  • 3D analysis system for modelling and simulating human movement
  • 3D Vicon 12 camera high-speed motion capture system
  • oxygen analysis system for measuring uptake and output during exercise
  • electromyography analysis to measure muscle activity
  • force platform for measuring ground reaction forces
  • Kistler force plate for gait and balance analysis
  • Delsys EMG system to study motor control
  • WattBike
  • Cosmed portable metabolic system for metabolic and clinical exercise testing
  • high-speed camera
  • thermal imaging camera
  • Natural Point 3D Motion Capture System to measure movement
  • Sensorize 3D inertial measurement sensors (with GPS).
  • Wind tunnels

    We have access to an industrial scale wind tunnel for testing aerodynamics.

    The Adelaide Wind Tunnel research and testing facility is South Australia’s only industrial-scale wind tunnel, and the second largest in Australia.

    The state-of-the-art facility has a wide range of purposes and can be used for all kinds of wind engineering and aerodynamics testing.

  • Other sports engineering facilities and equipment

    Through the School of Mechanical Engineering, we have access to a range of facilities and equipment for sports engineering research. These include:

    • water tunnels
    • full range of fluid velocity and pressure measurement systems
    • spectrum analysers
    • microphones, accelerometers, displacement transducers, strain gauges
    • polytech scanning laser vibrometers - 3-D and 1-D
    • numerous vibration shakers, strain measurement and development tools
    • ANSYS Fluent and OpenFoam CFD software
    • instrumentation and mechanical workshops.

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