Video-Based Optical Contact Angle Measuring System

The Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources manages a Video-Based Optical Contact Angle Measuring System that offers services for both university research and commercial work.

Wettability is a tendency of the liquid to spread on or adhere to a solid surface. In enhanced oil recovery (EOR), wettability plays an important role as it determines the interactions between the solid (rock) and the liquids in the reservoirs (crude oil, brine). Wettability has been recognized as one of the key parameters controlling the remaining oil-in-place and determining the effectiveness of EOR process. Wettability of a solid surface can be quantified by contact angle measurement.

Our research lab in ASPER is equipped with the video-based optical contact angle measuring system manufactured by DataPhysics Instruments. In the system, a high resolution camera with up to 6x zoom lens is used to capture the profile of a liquid droplet on a solid surface. The base line and boundary line of the droplet profile can be manually or automatically defined. The angle at the 3-phase boundary when liquid, gas and solid intersect is measured as the contact angle and analysed by the in-house SCA software.

Our system is capable of measuring the wettability of cores, sidewall cores and cuttings with different mixtures of water and brine. The contact angle measurement can be static or dynamic with the movie function (for fast processes of adsorption and absorption).

Frequently asked questions

  • How should samples be prepared for testing?

    In order to conduct reliable measurements, at least two core samples are needed, one of which is a backup sample and can be returned on completion of the analyses.

    The core sample should have at least one side with the minimum area of 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm.

    It is recommended that the core sample has a plain and horizontal surface.

  • How long does testing take?

    The following are approximate turnaround times for basic analysis:

    • < 5 samples: up to two weeks
    • 5-15 samples: up to three weeks.

    We can provide a more accurate time estimate once we have received your samples.

  • Is there a cost involved?

    Sample charges for wettability analysis include sample analysis, raw data and graphs. For information on the pricing for your samples, please contact us via the link below.

    In addition to the above, an Interpretative Report can be provided. The cost of an Interpretative Report is determined by the time it takes to derive data, prepare and produce a report.

    For information on pricing please contact us.

Contact us

For further information around our preferred methods of preparation for samples, duration of testing and pricing please contact A/Prof Manouchehr Haghighi


The Wettability Laboratory is located at:

Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources
Room 1.07, Level 1, Santos Petroleum Engineering Building
North Terrace Campus