Computer and Mathematical Sciences Internships

Computer and Mathematical Sciences

Internships are a great way to develop industry connections and networks, prepare you for graduate work environments and provide you the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills into real-life situations.

Internships process

Before you start

  • What is the eligibility criteria for an internship?

    To be eligible for an undergraduate computer science and mathematics internship you must:

    • Be a current undergraduate student studying one of the following degrees:
      • Bachelor of Computer Science
      • Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)
      • Bachelor of Information Technology
      • Bachelor of Mathematical Science
      • Bachelor of Mathematical Science (Advanced)
      • Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
    • Have completed 36 units of study – therefore, a 2nd or 3rd year student
    • Have elective space available in your program. Please check your elective space with the support team
    • Have a GPA of 5 or above.

    To be eligible for an postgraduate computer science and mathematics internship you must:

    • Be a current postgraduate student studying one of the following degrees:
      • Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
      • Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security
      • Graduate Diploma in Data Science
      • Master of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
      • Master of Computer Science
      • Master of Computing and Innovation
      • Master of Cyber Security
      • Master of Data Science
      • Master of Mathematical Sciences
    • Have completed 12 units of study
    • Have elective space available in your program. Please check your elective space with the support team
    • Have a GPA of 5 or above.
  • How do I prepare for an internship?

    The Internship Management System is a self-paced system designed to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

    • applying for internships
    • commencing an internship
    • writing reports and reflective journals.

    The Internship Management System is not mandatory to complete in order to undertake an internship. However we do strongly advise you complete the steps to help you prepare.  

    Get started

    To get started log into the Internship Management System in CareerHub and complete the five self-paced stages:

    • Skills Training
    • Professional Development Training
    • Finding Opportunities
    • Preparing for your First Day
    • Reflective Writing.

    Each stage has a compulsory element that will need to be completed before moving on to the next. The self-paced system allows you to go back to review each stage as many times as you like, so you can complete them in your own time and also use them as a source of reference.

    It is recommended that you begin the Skills Training and Professional Development Training stages whilst in your first year of study.

Finding an internship

  • Using CareerHub to find an internship

    Managed by the University’s Career Services, our online CareerHub enables you to search for paid and unpaid internships, graduate and full-time opportunities, as well as volunteer positions that may count towards your degree's internship requirements.

    CareerHub also houses many events such as employer presentations, which provides you with valuable opportunities to meet company representatives on campus.

    We strongly encourage all students to register with CareerHub to gain access to the University database of internships and other opportunities.

    How do I join CareerHub?

    Use your Student ID and password to register for CareerHub.

    You can also subscribe to receive notifications and updates regarding when employers will be on campus, and opportunities that suit you become available.

  • Other internship sources

    All approved internship opportunities will be promoted on CareerHub.

    We also promote opportunities for local and overseas placements in our faculty news. Make sure you bookmark this page and check back often as new opportunities are posted regularly.

  • Can I source my own internship?

    If you have been in communications with organisations regarding internships or are currently employed within the field, please contact the internships team at to discuss the potential of using this opportunity towards the internship elective.

    Please note, this may not be approved. 

  • Are internships paid or unpaid?

    Our internships can be either paid and unpaid.

    The CareerHub promotion will feature if the internship is unpaid or if there is renumeration associated with the experience. 

  • When are internships offered?

    • Internships for undergraduate students are offered year round in Semester 1, Semester 2 and Summer Semester.
    • Internships for postgraduate students are offered year round in Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3.
  • How often will I attend the internship?

    For semester and trimester based internships, depending on whether you are undertaking a 3 unit or a 6 unit internship, you will complete:

    • 2 days a week for 10 weeks on a 3 unit internship
    • 3 days a week for 12 weeks on a 6 unit internship.

    For summer based internships, depending on whether you are undertaking a 3 unit or a 6 unit internship, you will complete:

    • Full-time for 4 weeks on a 3 unit internship
    • Full-time for 8 weeks on a 6 unit internship.

Applying for an internship

The application process for an internship is much the same as you would a job, giving you valuable job-seeking experience. You will apply by submitting your cover letter tailored to the internship opportunity, resume and official transcript, and completing an online interview component.

Those successful will be shortlisted on the basis of all requirements being met and their application submission.

Interviews will occur with the host organisation and if you are successful in securing an internship, the university will enrol you into the internship elective and prepare your internship agreement. 

  • Is there an internship course I should enrol into?

    No, the Faculty will enrol you into the internship elective.

    However, do not leave space in your study plan for the internship. You must organise your study plan with an alternate elective in case you are not successful in gaining an internship. If you are successful and need help dropping your alternate elective, please contact the SET Student Success Team.

    For undergraduate internships, the relevant internship courses are:

    • COMP SCI 3700 ECMS Internship (3 units)
    • COMP SCI 3710 ECMS Internship (6 units)
    • MATHS 3700 ECMS Internship (3 units)
    • MATHS 3710 ECMS Internship (6 units)

    For postgraduate internships, the relevant internship course is:

    • ENG 7111 Internship (6 units)

    The internships team will be in contact with you to initiate your internship agreement.

  • How will an internship fit into my study plan?

    Our internships are either 3 units or 6 units, and will take the place of an equivalent number of elective units you are already enrolled into.

    The faculty will ensure internship confirmations are completed prior to census date to avoid complications to your enrolments and study plan.

    Study plan tip

    While you are going through the internship application process, you must have an alternate elective that you are enrolled into in case you are not successful in securing an internship.

    For help organising your study plan, please talk to the SET Student Success Team.

  • Where can I get help with my application documents?

    Before applying, we highly encourage you to book into a Resume and Interview skills workshop run by our own Career Services.

    Additionally, there are some fantastic Career Tool resources for you to utilise and practice your interview skills.

  • I have been selected for an interview – how do I prepare?

    The internships team will provide you notice on your interview.

    When preparing for your interview, we encourage you utilise the Career Advice and Planning Guides to prepare for your interview. 

    Interview tip

    We encourage you have your portfolio prepared and ready for your interview; industry love to see the work you have developed in your own time or during your University studies!

  • What if I am not successful in gaining an internship?

    If you are not successful, you should continue with your alternate enrolled elective. 

During your internship

Throughout your experience, we will periodically check in with you over the course of your internship, with communications sent near the beginning, middle and end of your internship (depending on duration).

During your internship, you are required to submit assessments to MyUni reflecting on your experience. Please refer to your Course Outline and MyUni page for your assessments. 

If during your internship you have any questions or concerns, contact the Internships team and they will either help you themselves, or refer you to the appropriate support service as required

  • Unfair treatment, bullying and harassment

    Ensuring your safety and wellbeing is of paramount concern for both the faculty and University.

    If you’re subjected to behaviour or placed in a situation that causes distress, the host company should provide avenues to address your concerns. This can range from mediation to immediate removal from the situation.

    Regardless, please contact the Internships team immediately to report or discuss.

    You can contact us confidentially via email, phone or in person. The University provides several avenues of support, and we’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate.

Further information

If you would like more information about internships or your question hasn't been answered here, please contact the Internships team.

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