Engineering Internship Course

There are two Engineering Internship courses:

  • Undergraduate students: ENG 3100 Engineering Internship UG
  • Postgraduate students: ENG 7110 Engineering Internship PG

The Engineering Internship courses are worth 0 units and will be graded as a Pass (will appear on transcript as a NFE – No Formal Examination) or Fail.

    These courses will be offered in the following teaching periods: Semester 1, Semester 2 and Summer Semester.

    • When to enrol

      Once you have completed all of the weeks / hours of your internship requirements for your engineering program, you are required to enrol into your relevant Engineering Internship course (see above) to submit your single assessment.

      Ideally, you should enrol into the next available teaching period after you have completed all of the weeks/hours of your internship requirements for your Engineering program.

      Please note, if you are expecting to complete your coursework and internship requirements within the same teaching period, you are advised to enrol into your Engineering Internship course prior to the teaching period census date.

    • Assessment

      You will be required to submit a single assessment in MyUni under your relevant Engineering discipline and via the appropriate submission window.

      Relevant submission window dates will be available in MyUni.

    Further information

    If you would like more information about internships or your question hasn't been answered here, please contact the Ask SET team.

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