Virtual StatsPD@Waite meeting

Every month, the professional development meetings of statisticians and data scientists at Waite, known as StatsPD@Waite, bring together specialists in various aspects of data sciences in agriculture from Waite, Roseworthy and Adelaide.

Please join us for the next virtual StatsPD@Waite meeting where Russell Edson from the Biometry Hub will present on Oracle for Research.

Please note that the StatsPD@Waite meetings are recorded. If you have a question to the speaker but would rather not be recorded, please send me your question via chat during the meeting and I will ask it on your behalf. 

Please email Beata Sznajder for details of the Zoom meeting.


Tackling complex data science tasks with Oracle for Research

Russell Edson (University of Adelaide Biometry Hub)

The Biometry Hub was recently awarded $147,000 AUD of Cloud Credits over 24 months through the Oracle for Research scheme. These credits unleash the full spectrum of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources, including both virtual and bare-metal machines for cloud computing tasks, big data storage solutions, web server deployments and CPU/GPU clusters for High-Performance Computing jobs. This sizeable grant empowers us with all the computational power we need to handle the big data tasks in our group's various collaborative research projects.

In this brief presentation, we will overview the Oracle for Research grant and discuss the technical specifications of the resources we can deploy. We will then look at a case study of a recent cloud computation, comparing Linear Mixed Model packages for genomic selection, to demonstrate how we use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for our collaborative research. We will finish with a discussion of our future plans for the Oracle grant credits and potential research initiatives in agricultural sciences, medical sciences and beyond.

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