Food Innovation Laboratory

Built throughout 2021-22, the new Food Innovation Laboratory features a 90-seat tutorial room for sensory and theory sessions; an 18-seat meeting discussion room; a 50-person teaching kitchen that allows two students per bench; and eight sensory booths (with coloured lights and separate controls for perception studies).  

Location: Level 1, Charles Hawker Building, Waite Road, Urrbrae

All food science and nutrition subjects are based at Waite. These have an average class size of 40-50 students and include:  

  • Nutrition  
  • Product Development  
  • Sensory Evaluation  
  • Food Packaging and Quality Regulation  
  • Public Health Nutrition  

Internal industry placements can also be supported here for projects such as recipe development/modification in specific contexts such as aged care or canteen foods.  

The Food Innovation Laboratory boasts a range of equipment to enable work with jams/preserves, confectionery, baking, small-scale fermentation projects, and more, including: 

  • Dehydrator 
  • Snap freezer and standard freezers  
  • Deep fryers and air fryers  
  • Warmers 
  • Ovens - combi, fan-forced, and microwave  
  • Vacuum sealer  
  • Benchtop autoclave (canning)  

The design features of this industrial/ commercial Food Innovation Laboratory include:  

  • Equipment at the sides of the room, allowing ample central space for demonstrations and hands-on practice 
  • An allergy bench (+ hand wash)  
  • Overhead cameras on show-and-tell benches  
  • Storage and wash-up rooms, and a separate preparation room  

The Food Innovation Laboratory enables a full 'paddock to plate' range of activities at Waite, providing a cutting-edge space for food and cooking-related teaching and research.  

Students will use the Food Innovation Laboratory to learn industry-relevant skills, and benefit from guest-lecturers in a semi-professional/ commercial setting.  

The Food Innovation Laboratory can also be utilised by external industry partners for upskilling workers, piloting product development, or research work.  

For more information, to book, to collaborate for research, for event discussions and more, please contact: