Biometry Hub Tools & Resources

The Biometry Hub has developed a range of applications to assist grain researchers design and analyse experiments while taking into account the data available and applying best practice.



Whole Genome Average Interval Mapping for QTL Detection and Estimation using ASReml-R

A computationally efficient whole genome approach to detecting and estimating significant QTL in linkage maps using the flexible linear mixed modelling functionality of ASReml-R.

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Linkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm

Functions for accurate and fast linkage map construction, manipulation and diagnosis of Doubled Haploid, Backcross and Recombinant Inbred 'R/qtl' objects. This includes extremely fast linkage map clustering and optimal marker ordering using 'MSTmap' (see Wu et al.,2008).

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R package biometryassist

Functions to aid the Design and Analysis of Agronomic-style experiments

The goal of biometryassist is to provide functions to aid in the Design and Analysis of Agronomic-style experiments through easy access to documentation and helper functions, especially while teaching these concepts.

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Other software

Other publicly available tools that we have developed can be found on our GitHub page.