Professor Richard Jarrett presents at StatsPD@Waite

In our Monthly StatsPD@Waite talks, Professor Richard Jarrett presented in July 2020.

Professor Richard Jarrett presented a talk on based on his paper “Random effects models for complex designs” which is about to be published in “Statistical Methods in Medical Research”. The paper reanalyses a “plaid design” (a bit like a strip-plot design) previously analysed elsewhere. It is recognised in the paper that this was a two-phase design and the authors proceeded to reanalyse it on that basis.  They first identified that one of the main effects needed to be tested against a different variance and ultimately realised that there were a number of additional variance components that needed to be added to the model.  When this was done, it was found that all the treatment effects in this 2^3 factorial needed careful testing.  Richard went through the model and showed that it can be analysed in ASReml – so long as you can properly identify the terms needed for the model! Slides are available from Beata Sznajder, the coordinator of StatsPD@Waite, upon request.

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