SAGI-STH Statistics training workshops for 2023


2023 will bring another round of statistical workshops for agronomists and researchers. These are practical, interactive workshops run in a hybrid mode - you can choose either in-person and online.

They are intended to foster widespread adoption of efficient and consistent statistical methods in agronomic research and practice to ultimately better inform growers decision-making.

The training program uses a small-group delivery. This builds learning communities by allowing a close communication between participants and trainers. The overall program is structured and designed so participants can start from ground zero, they learn to handle their data via the R software, progress to being able to design and conduct reproducible analyses of standard agronomy trials with simple responses, and finally present a quality report document.

The four workshops are structured as follows:

Introduction to R (W0) – 1 day

  • Covers the basics of R, using R packages, learning how to produce elegant graphics in R.
  • You will learn some tips for preparing and managing your research data.
  • You will gain confidence to continue learning and exploring R for yourself.

Introduction to Experimental Design (W1) – 1 day

  • You will become familiar with the basics of experimental design
  • Practice using R and some relevant packages for real world examples.
  • You will learn how to estimate the number of samples you will require.
  • A better understanding of why your experiment was done the way it was.

Statistical Analysis of Agronomic Experiments (W2) – 2 days

  • Covers the basic topics in experimental analysis of agronomic experiments, including ANOVA, Linear Mixed Models, spatial modelling and analysis of factorial experiments, blocked designs, and split-plot agronomic experiments.
  • You will learn to identify the correct model to use and perform analyses of data resulting from standard agronomic designs using R and ASReml-R and interpret the results.

Reporting preparation with R: reproducible research (W3) – 1 day

  • Introduces RMarkdown and report preparation with R, which brings together a report on the design, analysis and graphical presentation in a consistent, all-in-one and reproducible way. This will greatly improve the efficiency of your reporting.

Upcoming workshops

Date Workshop Location
27th September 2023 Introduction to R (W0) Hybrid
28th September 2023 Introduction to Experimental Design (W1)
29th September & 3rd October 2023 Statistical Analysis of Agronomic Experiments (W2)
4th October 2023 Report preparation with R: reproducible research (W3)

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