Food and Ingredient Preparation and Food Innovation Laboratories

In the food product development team, we are equipped to prepare and test a wide range of food product categories from baked goods to ice cream to confectionery. 

Food Innovation Laboratory

Our food product development laboratory is complemented by state-of-the-art facilities at the Food Innovation Laboratory, a commercial-style kitchen space, based at Waite campus. 

Within the labs, we are equipped to perform food product development for a wide range of categories from baked goods to ice cream to confectionery. 

Our equipment

Equipment available includes (but is not limited to):

  • blenders and food processors
  • probe homogenisers
  • overhead stirrers
  • stand mixers
  • pasta makers
  • commercial style gas stoves
  • induction cookers
  • ovens (proving, combi, fan-forced, and microwave)
  • sous-vide circulators
  • deep fryers, air fryers
  • dehydrators
  • freeze dryer
  • snap, standard, and walk-in freezers
  • soft-serve machines
  • vacuum sealer
  • a bench-top autoclave and canning press for canning
  • a plethora of domestic and commercial cookware

Milling facilities

Size reduction is an important step in ingredient preparation and product testing. We have several pieces of milling equipment available for small-scale size reduction depending on the application.

  • Milling equipment

    Perten 3100 Laboratory Mill

    A workhorse hammer mill for milling laboratory samples >50 g. The hammer mill is powerful enough to mill extremely hard seeds including hulls down to a particle size of <0.8 mm or <0.5 mm. The mill also works well for homogenising vegetative mass including leaves and stems for further analysis.

    UDY Cyclone Mill

    A smaller version of the Perten 3100 that is easier to clean between samples and is ideal for sample preparation.

    Retsch ZM200 Ultracentrifugal Mill

    A general duty mill for homogenisation of soft to medium-hard and fibrous materials. This mill grinds to <0.25 mm and is useful for preparing samples for nutritional analyses.

    LHB 6SM14A-Type Grinding Machine

    Suitable for wet milling of fibrous materials like leaves and stalks or dehulling/polishing of grains like rice and soybeans

    M70 Oil Screw Press

    A workhorse screw press suitable for cold-pressing oil from various feedstocks like oilseeds. This screw press is suitable for continuous oil pressing rather than small scale batch testing.