Food & Nutrition Science Study Tours and Workshops

Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science students enjoy study tours to local food and beverage producers; workshops run by the Child Nutrition Team from the NPY and APY Lands; and access the first class commercial food processing facilities at Regency Park TAFE.

Indigenous food and remote communities workshops

The Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science at the University of Adelaide trains food and nutrition scientists who will shape Australia’s food and nutrition policies, drive food culture and develop novel food products to promote health.

Part of this training involves our Food and Nutrition Science students participating in workshops at Waite campus which are run in partnership with an Anangu Aboriginal elder and the Child Nutrition Team from the NPY Women’s Council in the APY region.

Ensuring our graduates are knowledgeable about native foods, culture, language and factors which influence food choices and consumption patterns is important in policy development. The promotion of native foods as part of a healthy diet and the development of novel products using traditional bush tucker foods will assist with improving health in the Indigenous population.

Level 2 tour

Our Level 2 students have a tour day early in the year, aimed at giving insight into various career opportunities. Past tours have visited Vilis Bakery, CSIRO/SAHMRI, Beerenberg Farm, Coriole Winery, Mexex and Willunga Farmers Market