Wine Science Study Tours

Travel to Spain and Italy or Canada and USA, to discover more about the terroir of the vineyards and wineries around the world.

Eligible students from the BVO/MVO programs have the opportunity to undertake an intensive tour to discover more about terroir of the vineyards and wineries around the world, accompanied by academic staff. Students hear from local industry practitioners about the challenges they face, as well as their approaches to grape growing, winemaking and wine marketing to local and international consumers.

These tours offer our students a unique opportunity to learn and experience first-hand winemaking in a the global context, as well as establish international networks and connections. They also have great fun along the way!

In 2018, the group attended the XIIth International Terroir Congress (external link) in Zaragoza, Spain at the start of the tour. They then visited key winemaking regions including Calatayud (Spain), Campo de Borja (Spain), Cariñena (Spain), Somontano (Spain), Rioja (Spain), Marsala (Italy) and Mt Etna (Italy).

The 15-day tour in 2017 enabled students to visit and tour vineyards and wineries in the winemaking regions of the USA and Canada. Businesses visited ranged from tiny boutique enterprises to the largest winery in the world. The tour also included a visit to the University of California, Davis and various networking events and activities.