October Sundowner – Water & Space presented by the Australian Water Association SA

The Young Water Professionals of the SA AWA Branch are delighted to invite you to their last 2021 SA Sundowner Series to hear from Matt Lama about Water and Space.

Water resource

Ever wondered how advancements in space technology can drive more responsible water use in green spaces or power generation? In this talk, we'll discuss the role that space can play in the conservation of our precious resource and what the future might look like as a result.

Join guest speaker Matt Lama, Delivery Manager at Fleet Space Technologies to learn more about this exciting topic and see space with a different perspective! 

About the speaker

Matt began his career in the British Army as a communications specialist with the Royal Corps of Signals connecting soldiers and enabling mission-critical action.

Fast forward to the present and now part of the growing team at Fleet Space Technologies, it's "things" he's connecting, delivering insights for customers from some of the world's most remote places. The context may have changed, but the passion for communications has remained a constant.

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