STEM Industry Internship Information Session

Calling all undergraduate students studying Science, Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences – now is your opportunity to do an internship course for credit over Summer and Semester 1 2022. 

Internships offer you the chance to:

  • Gain a competitive edge in the job market by acquiring some work experience
  • Build your confidence when the time comes to apply for future job opportunities
  • Build industry specific and professional networks
  • Gain an increased awareness of your skills, attributes, personal qualities and values
  • Develop a personal work ethic and specific skills and knowledge related to your potential career
  • Enhance your resume

Computer and Mathematical Science student eligibility: Students who have completed 36 units of study, have a GPA of 5 or above and have a 3 unit elective space in their degree programs may be eligible to do an internship.

More information about ECMS Internships

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