CSER Report: A Review of Computer Science Education Resources

This research project involved the development of a semi-systematic review to identify, categorise and assess available computer science education resources for students and teachers that are suitable for use with the Australian Curriculum: Technologies.

The aim of the resource review was to develop a quality assessment framework and to analyse available resources against their capacity to support learning and teaching, and identify research and development opportunities for future resource development.

The review identified many high quality resources for learning and teaching for Australian Curriculum: Technologies. However, the report also identified areas for resource development (new or supplementary materials) to support teachers and students with the new computing curriculum. The report presents a set of recommendations that can guide resource and curriculum developers, and if supported can provide valuable support for teachers in their work toward addressing the challenges and opportunities of this new Australian Curriculum: Technologies.

You can view or download a copy of the report via the Department of Education and Training website.

This research report was funded by, and developed in consultation with, the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training. Research Contract: Coding Across the Curriculum – Curriculum Mapping and Analysis. K. Falkner and R. Vivian. ($77,889) (2015)

Project personnel:

A/Prof Katrina Falkner & Dr Rebecca Vivian CSER Group; Dr Jane Aitken, Director of Learning Areas Support, The Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

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