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Highlights from CSSM in 2017

Dr Phiala Shanahan - PhD (Physics & Astro)/BSc (High Perf Comp Phys)(Hons)  |  “At the University I was able to work closely with world leaders in my field and learn from them in an incredibly supportive environment. It was the best possible start to my academic career”

Key updates from the centre including new videos and a PhD graduate who's been named in the 'Forbes 30 under 30'!

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What’s Australia made of? Geologically, it depends on the state you’re in

Scrub on the Nullarbor Plains

We think of Australia as a solid landmass. But it’s actually more like a jigsaw puzzle that has been put together over many millions of years.

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QCD Downunder 2017


QCD Downunder 2017 brought together a number of specialists in non-perturbative field theory as well as others working in the areas of hadron physics and related fields.

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Nurturing the Innovation Generation

As the Smart Cities movement gathers momentum worldwide, a new generation of University of Adelaide students is preparing to take our urban lives to entirely new levels of sophistication, satisfaction and sustainability.

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Social Smarts Guiding International Tech Take-Up

On paper, smart technology would appear capable of supporting and enhancing virtually every aspect of urban life. But in real world applications, of course, technological capability is no guarantee of success.

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A Look at IT and Engineering Enrolments In Australia – Updated!

In 2015, we released a blog post that looked at enrolment trends in Information Technology and Engineering courses. We were motivated to do this due to the introduction of the new Digital Technologies learning area within the Australian Curriculum, and the belief that despite Digital Technologies and associated industries representing 16% of the Australian GDP, that Higher Education struggles to attract students to consider computing pathways.

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