Highlights from CSSM in 2017

Dr Phiala Shanahan - PhD (Physics & Astro)/BSc (High Perf Comp Phys)(Hons)  |  “At the University I was able to work closely with world leaders in my field and learn from them in an incredibly supportive environment. It was the best possible start to my academic career”

PhD graduate Phiala Shanahan was named in this year's 'Forbes 30 under 30'

2017 October

  • QCD and HPC: Professor Derek Leinweber and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre at UWA have published two videos (Part 1 and Part 2 ), in which Derek describes his research into lattice field theory and its relationship to the origin of mass - as well as the great importance of up-to-date supercomputing facilities to computationally-intensive research areas.
  • CSSM PhD graduate Dr. Phiala Shanahan was named in this year's "Forbes 30 under 30", and will take up positions at William and Mary College, and JLab.

2017 July

  • An article on the CSSM, including outlines of recent research findings, was published by "Science in Public". Here is the link to the article.
  • The CSSM is hosting QCD Downunder 2017, at the Cairns Novotel Oasis resort. This workshop brings together researchers in non-perturbative field theory, hadron physics and related fields.

2017 : April

  • An article by Ross Young, describing recent work by Sufian et al on the influence of strange quarks on the electric-charge distribution and magnetic moment of the proton, has been published in Nature.

2017 : January

  • James Zanotti describes the importance of access to national computing resources to the Centre's research, on the National Computational Infrastructure website, with further references to this research on the NCI Twitter (refer to Jan. 22nd) and Facebook (refer to Jan. 22nd) feeds.
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