A Report on the Careers Development Landscape in Australia

Career development education can play a critical role in shaping students’ career and study choices, especially regarding STEM study and careers. This brings us to question, what is Australia’s current career development landscape?

We had Daniel Ng, a Computer Science student, work with us at the Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER) on a Summer Research project to investigate this question.

Daniel worked with a Project Brief developed by Refraction Media and CSER, and went on to perform a desktop study examining the landscape. Daniel worked with Dr Vivian and Prof. Falkner to present a summary report that describes processes and requirements of career development in schools in Australia. The report highlights potential areas that could be further explored and improved in Australian school-age career development. 

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Cite as: Ng, D., Vivian, R. & Falkner, K. (2018). Advising Students on Careers of the Future: A Report on the Careers Development Landscape in Australia. Computer Science Education Research Group, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide.

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