Advanced LIGO Detector Characterisation & CW Astrophysics

In this project you will have the opportunity to work on continuous-wave (CW) searches and advanced LIGO detector characterisation as part of the OzGrav Centre of Excellence.

The detection of continuous-wave (CW) emission of gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars and other astrophysical bodies promises to reveal exciting new information on the structure of such objects.

The Advanced LIGO project gravitational wave detector has one channel that detects gravitational waves and over 200,000 auxiliary channels that monitor critical aspects of the detector performance. Mining of these channels coupled with precise models of interferometer behaviour can provide critical information that can be fed back to the onsite commissioners.

In this project you will work on a data analysis project in collaboration with either the LIGO detector characterisation group or directly with the onsite commissioners.

This project is part of the research program within the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav), and includes research toward upgrading the sensitivity of the current generation of detectors, analysing data from those detectors and the development of technology for future detectors.

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