Do plants need to sleep?

Plant science laboratory work

There is evidence in some plants that lack of a dark period can inhibit growth, and that this is linked to the need to close stomata to increase cell turgor, the main driver of expansion growth.

This project will investigate the question, ‘do plants need to sleep’?

The broad focus of our research group is plant physiology, with specific interests in plant nutrition, plant stresses caused by hostile soils, mistletoes and adaption to low water supply and variations in available light.

Physiological aspects of aquatic plants are also included. Most projects are lab or glasshouse-based, but can involve some aspect of fieldwork.

You are also encouraged to propose any topic in the area of plant physiology that you think might make an interesting honours project.


Professor Rob Reid | Dr John Goodfellow

Research area: Plant physiology and ecophysiology

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

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