Emu-wrens & other threatened fauna of the Fleurieu Peninsula wetlands

Help save the emu-wrens and other threatened fauna of the Fleurieu Peninsula wetlands.

The shrinking Fleurieu Peninsula swamps are dynamic systems. We research the effects of disturbances on swamp succession, and their effects on native fauna that rely on them.

We focus particularly on the endangered southern emu-wren, and on invertebrate communities. Ultimately, we aim to improve management for emu-wrens and other swamp dwellers.

Research to save the emu wren

H. H. Calvert [Public domain]

Terrestrial plant ecologist Jose Facelli


Associate Professor José (Jope) Facelli

Co-supervisors: Dr Evelina Facelli | Dr Jasmin Packer | Dr John Goodfellow | Dr Rob Cirocco

Research area: Terrestrial plant ecology

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

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